Cathy’s Success Story


On Tuesdays. I like to talk about change and today I would like to highlight a small change that one of our challengers made that has had a huge impact.

Before Cathy started with 21 day fix and our accountability group she felt sluggish, had a poor self image, and was tired of her excuses.

The change she made was, giving herself some ME time. She put her goals on the list and moved them up to top priority. Her coach Colleen and our accountability group has helped her take the steps she needed to get to where she wants to be.

That small change has led to over 16 inches lost, more energy, more confidence, and motivation to continue working towards her goals.

We often make our goals unattainable by our own thoughts and Cathy is proof that when we break it down, we can accomplish anything. Great job Cathy and keep motivating us.