Colleen’s Story

Colleen and I met almost 15 years ago when we began to work together to help “at-risk” students, in an after school program. Colleen and I share a passion for being CHANGE AGENTS. We love to help people and are happier when the one’s around us are happier.
We both know that we can not ask some one to do something if we, ourselves, have not done it. Colleen has done just that. She took the 21 day CHALLENGE and concurred it. Colleen followed a CLEAN eating plan, worked out 30 minutes a day (21 Day Fix Extreme), and drank her nutrient packed #Shakeology. Colleen not only lost 5 pounds and 7 INCHES off her body, she gained energy, confidence, and a desire to create more change.
I am thankful that we have teamed back up again to share and spread our desire to be CHANGE agents and help others reach their goals and I am so proud of you for being the example for them. Great Job Colleen.


colleens transformations