Emily’s Transformation



Talk about MOTIVATION—What steps would you take to not have to take any medication anymore? This process works and she is the proof.

Through out our journey’s called life we have many choices to make and those choices take us down different roads. Some roads lead to success and other’s- ROADBLOCKS.

This girls right here is celebrating two years of making choices that have lead her to success with her health and wellness.

Before Emily started her journey with me and our Accountability group, she found herself stressed, frustrated, not sleeping right, having take medicine for her migranes, and having to take medication for her acne. She lacked energy and just couldn’t gain the momentum to stay consistent.

With the right tools and the right support, Emily has consistently shown up to work towards her goals. Through this journey she has gained so much inner strength and outer strength, she NO LONGER has to take any medications for migranes or acne, she has lots of energy and feels great.

We know that every journey is going to throw ROADBLOCKS our way, but Emily has learned to not allow the roadblocks to stop her, but to just look in a different direction.

I am so thankful you trusted your journey with me and even more thankful to call you my friend. Happy 2 year anniversary Emily. You ROCK!!!!!