1. You won't stick with it. (1)


Have you ever heard the above comments? Whenever we start something new, these “voices” from other people–or even from ourselves–try to convince us that we will NOT be successful.  It is very easy for others to tell you what you cannot do, and it is often because they don’t want you to become successful and leave them behind, but do it anyway, YOU are worth it.

I am writing to tell you that you CAN.  I know this because I have been there–unsure if I was capable or worthy of a “New Start”.  I AM capable and worthy, and so are YOU.

If you’re talking to your FEAR, asking it questions such as,  “Is this going to work? Am I going to enjoy success?”  The answer will always be “NO”.  The trick is to take away FEAR’s voice.  Doubt and fear are like muscles.  Every time you believe a lie about yourself, it gets easier to believe it the next time.  As long as you keep your “fears’ to yourself, no one can tell you they’re not true.

A quick trick to combat these false “FEARS” and comments is to quickly write them down.  FEAR can’t survive when you expose it to the light of Truth.  Once you write it down, you can combat the fear with TRUTH.  Write down all the reasons against the fear, and beat it.