Gina and Charlie


 I can’t wait to share with you not 1, but 2 transformations!! This dynamic duo is taking control of their health and wellness and they are creating new habits. Gina is a coach on my team and her husband is a challenger. Gina and I met when she was my leave replacement, as a school social worker, while I was out with my second child. Gina had seen my results from the 21 Day Fix, and being a new mother herself, wondered how I had gained control of my health and wellness while working full-time and being a mom. I shared my journey and the benefits of the support that I had from my accountability group and she decided to give it a shot. Gina quickly realized how much the 1:1 support, meal planning, group accountability, and motivation was helping her and she got her husband to join in. Together, in just 2 rounds(6 weeks), they have lost over 30 pounds. 

What you can’t see in these pictures, are the healthier habits they have adopted into their daily lives and the habits they are teaching their beautiful daughter. Gina is not only having success with her own journey, she is helping her husband and many others, change their habits and reach goals that they never thought possible. I am thankful to have met Gina 5 years ago and more thankful we have stayed friends and are now teammates. I can’t wait to continue this journey with you guys and I am so proud of your hard work and dedication to yourselves and to helping others. Keeping Rocking it Gina and Charlie!!!!