Goal Setting for Kids


Goal setting for children is important because it gives them a sense of purpose that can improve their confidence and build their self-esteem. It also helps them to focus and make better decisions. Along with this, goal setting can be used to motivate children by ensuring that they achieve smaller goals on a regular basis.

Putting your goals down on paper brings life to them.  Once you see where you want to end up, you can start to figure out what steps you need to take to get you there.  I still have my vision board I created when I started my journey and I love seeing it each day.

The past few Summers we have used the time to help teach our children more about goal setting.   We recently discussed their goals when it comes to sports.  Kayleigh wants to make her dance competition team again, Hunter wants to make his baseball team and Parker, his soccer team.  Once they knew their goal, they began to breakdown the steps they needed.  It was so fun to have these conversations with them and see their eyes light up.  After our first training session they were so excited and asked if we could do it again tomorrow.

When kids feel a part of the vision and decision process they often feel more connected and work on a more consistent basis.

Below are some sample GOALS worksheets to help your children get started.





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