Jennifer’s Transformation


I am so excited to share Jenny’s journey with you today.  I had the pleasure of meeting her this past year. I recently reached out to her to see if I could share her story and she accepted. Her response to me asking how her journey has been since starting the 21 day fix brought tears to my eyes.
This was her response:
You are so sweet! I have to tell you I’m completely overwhelmed by this whole process. I’ve never been successful in weight loss and to have so many people supporting me is wonderful. I’ve been overweight my entire life and never been able to sustain any type of weight loss. So, when I started this journey last May, I kind of had the attitude that I’ll try this until I fail. I sat in the back of the Weight Watchers room pissed off and mad that I had gotten as heavy as I was.
But something was different. I don’t know what it was, but I have finally learned to be ok with the ups and downs and that it’s all part of the process. That I’m not perfect and this journey is far from perfect but it is mine.
When I was visiting Jon Harris and Keri in August and October, Keri let me try the ‪#‎Shakeology‬. I’ve had friends (who are a little cultish to be honest about it) who have used it and I wasn’t so into it. But when I had it, I wasn’t hungry or more importantly, hangry ?. And I finally decided that it was time to invest in myself and my health.
So I did the 21 day fix and loved it. I felt stronger than ever and was super proud of myself for making a commitment and sticking through it. And it inspired me to try classes at the gym that I NEVER would have tried. And I’m able to do them because I can move due to the weight loss.
Keri (and Jon) has been so incredibly important to my success. She is absolutely amazing and wonderful and I feel so good knowing that no matter what, I have a cheerleader (or five) with her. I count my lucky stars and thank god for her and her friendship!
I know this was crazy and rambling but it’s still so hard for me to wrap my head around that fact that I’m actually 53 pounds lighter than just one year ago! Sorry you have to wade through it all and try to make sense of it.
Jenny Vincent you are an amazing person and an inspiration to so many. We are grateful to be on this journey with you and thank you for sharing it with us.