Stress, anxiety, depression!! You name it, I have felt it and truth is you probably have as well.

Throughout childhood, early adulthood, and now in my job- I have seen so many people turn to medication to fix problem they are having. What I often see after one medication is started, is more medicine to stop the side effects of other meds. Don’t get me wrong, for certain medical conditions medicine is necessary, but the trend I am witnessing as a social worker is to medicate and forget it.

Throughout my own journey of health and fitness and fight to get off of medications, I have became my own guinea pig. I have found amazing ways to use nutrition and exercise to help deal with emotions such as anxiety, depression, stress, and more.

This article speaks well to how exercise can help you with your anxiety and stress when done consistently. Keep checking back to learn more tools and strategies. Feel free to comment below or message me and I will work with you to find ways to help you to feel healthy and balanced.



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